As the 2023 show season approaches, please be aware that in order to ENTER your horse at either American Horse Services HIO affiliated shows of SHOW HIO affiliated shows you MUST have a current valid WHTA issued license. The KY-HIO has also joined with the previously mentioned HIO and will require WHTA license to enter for trainers.

The cost for a license is $100 if paid by March 18,2023. If paid after that deadline, the cost is $250. This will be strictly enforced by these 2 HIO’s and WHTA with NO EXCEPTIONS. Each HIO will have WHTA License Applications onsite.

You may obtain license applications by calling WHTA (931)684-5866 or download application at www.walkinghorsetrainers.com.

This is required for all Trainers. A Trainer is defined as anyone who accepts any form of remuneration for training any horse. This includes barter, monetary or other forms of remuneration.