Walking Horse Trainers Association Inc.

2010 Horse of the Year

2010 Horse of the Year Awards

1st: I’m Gene Autry
2nd: El Nino Cash

1st: General Sport
2nd: Living Good on Parole

Two Year Old Amateur Mare or Gelding
1st: She’s A Shady Sister
2nd: Powerstrokes Evening Star

Two Year Old Amateur Stallion
1st: Bad Economy
2nd: I’m Pushing In Line

Two Year Old Mare
1st: Dollar’s Misty Maid
2nd: She Has Status

Two Year Old Gelding
1st: John FK’s John Boy
2nd: Justin Credible

Two Year Old Stallion
1st: Pro V One
2nd: Dirty Sexy Money

Lite Shod Specialty
1st: Honor My Cash
2nd: Music City Jazz

Lite Shod Canter
1st: Honor My Cash
2nd: Catastrophic

Youth Pony
1st: Prime Poison
2nd: Roll the Gold

Adult Pony
1st: He’s Packin A Pistol
2nd: Lined Walkin

1st: Pride of Willie
1st: Shakin for Cash
1st: Smoke N Cash
2nd: Above the Line

Elite (50 Years and Over)
1st: Command & Control
2nd: Terror on the Border

Three Year Old Amateur Mare or Gelding
1st: Sugarland
2nd: She’s Caliente

Three Year Old Amateur Stallion
1st: He’s Vida Blue
2nd: He’s 3 Under Par

Three Year Old Mare
1st: Miss Midnight Rider
2nd: One Fine Line

Three Year Old Gelding
1st: One Bad Hombre
2nd: Sophisticated

Three Year Old Stallion
1st: Copperfield
2nd: A Strong Need for Cash

Trail Pleasure
1st: I’m Rose Walker
1st: Red Sunday Best
2nd: She’s Pretty Jazzy

Country Pleasure
1st: A Red Ruby
2nd: A Royal Attraction

Western Lite Shod Plantation
1st: Catastrophic
2nd: Honor My Cash

Western Park Pleasure
1st: Dragonfire
2nd: Strega

1st: Trigger Treat
2nd: Victory #9

Amateur Fine Harness
1st: I’m Medusa
2nd: Jose’s Mucho Lucho

Professional Fine Harness
1st: Breakin Parole
2nd: Gen’s High Mark
2nd: I’m Medusa
2nd: Jose’s Mucho Lucho

Ladies Amateur Specialty
1st: High Dollar Charge
2nd: My First Dollar

Mens Amateur Specialty
1st: I’m Wallstreet
2nd: LeBron James

Amateur Specialty
1st: I’m Wallstreet
2nd: Absolute Proof

Amateur Canter
1st: Strolling Thru the Ritz
2nd: Jazz Time
2nd: Matador
2nd: The Games We Play

Four Year Old Amateur Mare or Gelding
1st: Paroled In Texas
2nd: Jose’s Miss Dolly

Four Year Old Amateur Stallion
1st: The Dixie Lineman
2nd: Bobby Bouche’
2nd: Star In the Making

Four Year Old Mare
1st: Heres Your Change
2nd: Paroled In Texas

Four Year Old Gelding
1st: Jazz Prince
2nd: Major Frivolous

Four Year Old Stallion
1st: Dark and Shady
2nd: Folsom Prison Blues

Amateur Park Pleasure
1st: Jose’s No Counting Me Out
2nd: Lined Up At the Ritz

Professional Park Pleasure
1st: Yao Ming
2nd: Jose’s No Counting Me Out

Amateur Park Performance
1st: The Concealed Weapon
2nd: High Fashion Statement

Professional Park Performance
1st: High Fashion Statement
2nd: San Juan

Amateur Show Pleasure
1st: Godfather by Ultra Copy
2nd: Santana’s Renaissance Man

Professional Show Pleasure
1st: A Line Dancer
2nd: Chillin the Most

Juvenile 11 & Under
1st: Free to Score
2nd: Moonstruck Dollar

Juvenile 12 – 17
1st: Bustin Special
2nd: A Victoria’s Secret

15.2 and Under Amateur Mare or Gelding
1st: Getting Out on Parole
2nd: Bella Sera at the Ritz
2nd: My First Dollar

15.2 and Under Amateur Stallion
1st: I’m NRA
2nd: Don Julio

15.2 and Under Mare
1st: Miss Hosanna
2nd: Ritzy Zone

15.2 and Under Gelding
1st: Prime Suspect
2nd: I’m Indy Jones

15.2 and Under Stallion
1st: Ozone’s Cut Above All
2nd: I’m Splashed

One Night Horse Show
1st: The Moneytree Classic, Shelbyville, TN
2nd: Woodbury Lions Club Horse Show, Woodbury, TN

Multi-Night Horse Show
1st: Delta Fall Classic, Tunica, MS
2nd: Mississippi Charity Horse Show, Jackson, MS

15.2 and Over Mare
1st: JFK’s Irish Dream
2nd: A Major In Business

15.2 and Over Gelding
1st: The American General
2nd: Gold Poison

15.2 and Over Stallion
1st: Moody Star
2nd: The Golden Soverign


WHTA Horse Show

November 11, 2021

As more information is made available, details will be updated.