Membership Application

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must hold a trainer’s license if you are not eligible to hold an amateur or juvenile card. **A COLOR copy of your driver’s license or a COLOR picture ID (NO BLACK/WHITE photos please) needs to accompany application (Renewals included).

Categories of License – Membership

Halter License – A person that shows at halter any horse for which he/she accepts remuneration for training weanlings and/or yearlings for a person outside of his/her immediate family. NOTE: A halter license holder may also show amateur in riding class.

A rating – Must receive less than 50% of income from training Tennessee Walking Horses.

AA rating – Must receive at least 50% or more of income from training Tennessee Walking Horses.

AAA rating – Must receive 100% of income from training Tennessee Walking Horses.

Associate rating – Must NOT receive any income from training Tennessee Walking Horses.

NOTE: The AAA license holder is the ONLY voting license holder. He has voting rights to all elections, provided dues are paid by March 15.

FEES: Initial fee is $250 with application and photo. Renewal by March 15th for $100, after March 15, $250 and a new application (renewals included) required.

ALL LICENSE/MEMBERSHIP holders are eligible to attend membership meetings.

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REFERENCES REQUIRED: For AAA Licensing - References Must Be Members of the WHTA. A and AA - May Be Anyone for References Except Family Members.
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